Is your bank holiday about to be a blazer or shocker?
23rd March 2017

Why choose LED lighting?
LED lights are now the most popular option for both domestic and commercial clients. This is largely because they can achieve light output levels that rival other sources (i.e. halogen and fluorescent) and they are much easier to install and versatile.

Apart from offering a very bright, cool running, controlled instant light, LED products can last up to 15 times longer than conventional light sources. They use on average 80% less energy to create comparable light levels, which means considerable reductions in utility bills.

From retro fitting existing luminaries to complete installation of new integrated LED luminaries we can offer a solution specifically for you that will not only immediately save money on your electricity bills it will also have a huge effect on your ongoing maintenance costs. The standard warranty with all LED`s we install is 3/5 years, making any ongoing maintenance almost non-existent.

We do appreciate that initial costs can put some customers off, but fortunately prices for LED products are starting to go down, making the decision to switch much easier. The returns on the investment are getting shorter in terms of time but greater in terms of payback, so it’s an ideal time to discuss your requirements with us.

We offer free advice on lighting design and can design a scheme for your application clearly showing the energy and in turn money you could save today.