Local Andover Electrician achieves top safety standard

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23rd March 2017
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23rd March 2017

If you are a project manager or indeed the owner of commercial premises in and around Andover, you will naturally require a team of expert electricians who not only provide an exceptional standard of workmanship but also take Health and Safety seriously.

Here at SES Ltd, our Health and Safety record is exemplary, however, we have gone one step further and proven it by achieving SafeContractor status! Achieving SafeContractor status is a testament to our commitment to the highest standards of Health and Safety and will allow us to open new doors in the commercial world.

Safecontractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme which recognises very high standards in health and safety management amongst UK contractors. Here at SES Ltd we always striving to improve Health and Safety and fully support a uniform standard across the electrical industry. In fact our aim to exceed the standard.

What this means for you
As the project manager, you can be assured that you are in safe hands. Whatever the size of your project, I highly recommend using only a qualified electrical contractor in Andover who has been awarded SafeContractor to take care of your commercial electrical needs. Certainly, for large projects, it is essential to only use an approved electrical contractor (SafeContractor being a requirement to obtain approved status.)

For me obtaining SafeContractor means SES Ltd can now go onto Approved Contractor Lists which demonstrates our commitment to Health and Safety and will lead to us working on exciting commercial projects in the near future. We are very excited about where SafeContractor could lead us to.

Under the Safecontractor scheme, SES Ltd underwent a vetting process which examined our health and safety procedures and our track record for safe practice. SES will now be included in a database, which is accessible to registered users only via a website.

Client-organisations who sign up to the scheme can access the database, enabling them to vet potential contractors before they even set foot on site. These clients agree that, as users of the scheme, they will engage only those who have received accreditation.

Why using a Safecontractor matters
Health and Safety are of critical importance and if the standard is not met, it can implicate your business. Ensuring an electrical job is completed safely and will continue to be safe afterwards is essential both for the safety of your employees and to protect your business reputation.

Safecontractor is a third party accreditation scheme that assesses health and safety arrangements. Many major clients recognise the scheme and accept the Safecontractor certificate as confirmation of competency.