What is the most awkward question to ask an electrician?

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23rd March 2017
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23rd March 2017

Britain is being known for being socially awkward! For example, asking a queue jumper to go to the back of the queue or ask for a pay rise!

Whilst we agree that those scenarios above would make the palms of most people sweat, asking an electrician for proof of registration should be no sweat at all.

Unfortunately, being the polite Brits that we are, asking for proof of what comes out of a person mouth can seem somehow wrong! After all, surely we are meant to believe what people say? Again this is not strictly true and you could end up falling into the very trap an unscrupulous ‘electrician’ would be trying to catch you in. As an East Andover electrician, I know that this takes place on a regular basis even in the local area. So always be certain before proceeding.

If an electrician claims to be registered, ask to see proof!
You may have seen the wording “Part P Registered” on a van, an advert or even heard verbal confirmation of it, but until you have seen solid evidence such as a registration card or other official documentation, you can never be certain. The last thing you should be doing is agreeing for work to start without seeing any proof. Once the job has started you really are at the point of no return and it is essential that the electrician is who they say they are!

Only one in five householders ask to see proof from the electrician that they are indeed registered. With up to 20,000 unregistered electricians working in homes all over the UK on a daily basis, this is leaving the door open to plenty more opportunities for these individuals. I and my team of electricians in East Andover have had to repair more than one job started by a person who was neither qualified or registered to carry out electrical work.

Kick them where it hurts 😉 no evidence, no job!

When should you be asking for this proof?
It will help narrow down your search for an electrician if you ask for proof of Part P registration at the quotation visit. Nearly every electrician carries their registration documents with them at all times. So as an approved electrician in Andover, do I mind being asked for proof?

Not at all! In fact, you would make my day by being asked – as it is so rare. Part P registration is so important to you as a householder as it ensures that not only has the electrical work been tested and certified as safe, but also satisfies the legalities of certifying electrical work should you wish to sell or let your home in the future.

In case you aren’t convinced
In case you are still squirming in your shoes at the thought of asking an electrician for registration proof then take a look at this great video produced by the electrical safety charity Electrical Safety First – then you will realise that it could be a whole lot worse! 😉